Let’s talk RUNNING.

Over the past 11 months it has been great to see so many people take up this incredible sport.

For leisure, pleasure, self-competition or whatever it may be. WELL DONE YOU!

We have created 5 tips to help get you: motivated, determined and most importantly READY to run outdoors safely and effectively.

There is no magic pill to take to make you run faster or for longer. You just need to get out and do it, but before you go out and try run a marathon remember practice and knowledge are key!

When we created the 5 tips to outdoor running, we went directly to the running GURU of Onelifefitness, Greg Kenny. Greg is the owner of Onelifefitness. He studied Sports Management in East Tennessee state on a full track and cross-country scholarship.

Greg was multiple winning all Ireland champion in cross country and track and still competes and trains now!

We asked Greg what his 5 tips would be when it comes to outdoor running. He came back with these 5 simple steps to get you running ready!


Whether you are looking to take up running competitively or just for fun

GOOD RUNNING FOOTWEAR IS ESSENTIAL! Generally, if you feel an injury creeping up it is more than likely your footwear.

Greg recommends wearing:

Nike Structure

Adidas Supernova


Warming up and a light stretch or mobility workout prior to your run will make a hell of a difference!


Walk out the door warm, you can always remove layers as you move further into your running session.

(you can’t do the opposite, unless you want to be the crazy person in your town running naked down the road)


When it comes to running, pacing yourself is key. Unlike the treadmill where you can set a speed and continue to run at it, you will need to be conscious your pace.

A great way to track and monitor this is on your fitness tracker watch or app.

If you don’t have a fitness tracker watch, we recommend the

MAP MY RUN app. Tracking your runs really helps with motivation too!

As you get familiar with your pace and distance you will be able to quicken your time and increase your pace as you get fitter.


And finally, number 5: Patience and consistency are paramount.

A runner is not built over-night but the journey begins the day you put on your runners and head out for that first run.

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And lastly, ENJOY the process.

Until next time.