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Adjusting and adapting to the new norms has been hard and has left a lot of us feeling our goals are getting further out of reach.

That is why we have designed a product that will keep you feeling healthy, happy and above all striving to achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals.

Our Online training program has been designed by our Group Head Personal Trainer Mick Hughes.

Mick is a highly qualified Sport Scientist, Nutrition Expert and Fitness Fanatic that has been delivering results to 100’s of people online for over 4 years.

You are probably wondering


Our program has been designed from asking people WHAT DO THEY NEED AND WANT from an ONLINE COACH and WHAT WILL HELP THEM ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS?

Onelifefitness strives to exceed expectations and create not only a product but a next level revelation!

Onelifefitness is owned by athletes who have worked in the industry for over 15 years, so rest assured we know what we are doing!

Your Online Personal Training journey will begin with a 1:1 Zoom consultation with Mick.
Here, you will be able to confide in Mick and discuss your goals and what you want to achieve in your Online Training course.

Mick will ask you a series of questions which will give him all the information needed to design a tailor made fitness and nutrition program specifically for you.

Our Benefits

The benefit of this consultation is phenomenal as it will be built and delivered around
your own personal schedule and of course you will have the accountability
of having a coach on hand.


Once your consultation is complete Mick will begin working on your nutrition plan and training program.


Truecoach is a simple app available on Android and Apple designed for Online training.


Your app will have all the information you need to achieve your weekly targets and plan. It will have functions to mark your workouts as complete and ask any questions through the forum!

Forget about the panic of receiving emails and spread sheets with your plan. Once Mick has your program ready to go he will then begin your TRUECOACH profile..


There’s no need to panic if you are not “tech savvy” honestly, someone from the stone age will be able to navigate through this app. It is simplified and explained thoroughly in your consultation so don’t panic.


Mick will get notified immediately if you log a query and complete your scheduled workout. It also has a bank of workout videos to help you achieve correct form and technique.


Our Clients

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We Are Not Your Average GYM!

We believe ongoing support is VITAL for accountability, motivation and RESULTS so we will continue to support your journey with direct contact with your coach through a live messaging icon on your True Coach app and WEEKLY zoom check ins with Mick who will adapt your program to help fix any obstacles you faced each week.