3 Tips for getting you through December

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Lets face it, Christmas is approaching, and with that, comes the high possibility of us over-indulging

But its Christmas, so we allow it, to a degree…

In this months blog, I am going to give you 3 top tips to get you through this month, your christmas party, and them hazy days between the 26th-30th where you are more likely to eat your fair share of celebrations and drink one too many bottles of beer…

Tip No.1 

Remain Active. 

Lets be real here for a second, nobody is expecting wonders from you in the weeks running up to Christmas, but don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing.

Remember, something is always better than nothing! 

Why not use the time off to go for a walk, get that step count up, and listen to your favourite podcast. 

If you happen to be lucky enough not to be working “from home” and happen to get the bus to work, then why not make a conscious effort to get off the bus a stop pr 2 early. Remember every little helps at a time where our activity levels tend to drop! 

Tip No. 2 

Be mindful of what your drinking 

2020 has been a strange year, so I am definitely not going to sit on a pedestal here and tell anybody not to enjoy a drink over the Christmas. But being mindful of the calorie content per drink can help! 

With a pint of beer containing anything between 200-400 calories, and a glass of wine containing much the same, it wouldn’t take much before your drinking your daily calories, and this is not to mention all the eating that comes with it. 

That being said, I think we can all agree this year more than any year before, we deserve them!  But its helpful to know the calories your drinking! 

And while having a glass of water in between drinks may sound ridiculous, its going to help keep you hydrated and hangover free… which lets face it, we all struggle with over the Christmas period. Last thing we need when our over enthusiastic Aunty Susan arrives is to be dying with a hangover! (Trust me Ive been there!)

Tip No. 3 

Plan Plan Plan 

That period between the 26th and the 30th is usually a fuzzy time, where we almost forget what day it is, but if you can spend some time before then planning your days, things are going to seem a lot less cloudy when we get there! 

If you know you’ve a night out with family or friends in the evening, aim to get some exercise in during the day, so that you can at least burn off some of the calories you will be having that night.

Every little helps remember…

 Also, on the days you are planning on drinking, make sure your nutrition is 100% before then. 

Fill up on protein, and vegetables! 

Leave the majority of your carb intake to the alcohol.