2021 is here!

One Life Fitness One Chance No Regrets

For many of us, fitness goals will be at the top of the “to do” list. But heres the thing, while new years resolutions are a fantastic way to focus on improvement, the truth of the matter is, they are usually short lived. We’ve all been there!

First week in January – Ready to take on the world,

First week in February – Resolutions are a distant memory!

To avoid falling into this common trap, here are 3 of my tips for making health and fitness commitments, something that you can stick to!

Be specific with your goals.

The problem I see so often, are the goals people set, are so generalised that it leaves them in No-Mans land. Be as specific as you possibly can. This prevents us from getting lost mid way through the journey.

“I want to get fitter”. Such a vague goal, with no real end point. What defines fitter? How is that measured? Break it down to a much more specific goal.

I want to increase my fitness by improving my 5k time to below 25 minutes.


Changing every aspect of your life seems tempting to many of us in January. But here’s the thing, if you try and change too much too quickly, chances are your on a one way path to failure.

Prioritise what you want to improve or work on first. Once this sis completed, then move onto goal no.2.

Go easy on yourself

We have a tendancy to be extremely hard on ourselves. And the truth is, this doesn’t help us in the slightest. Life happens, things will get in the way and the sooner we realise this, accept it, and learn from it the better!

If you fail to meet some of your goals due to external reasons, don’t beat yourself up!

That being said, if you notice this becoming a common occurence, then it may be worth noting why, so as to prevent this happening again!