4 Solid Reasons To Have Coffee Right Before Your Workouts

We all know that miserable feeling in the morning: you wake up feeling like a zombie, just on the verge of calling work off and rushing back to bed. Cork City winters haven’t made it any easier to *not* be lazy! But then, the first cup of coffee meets your mouth. You feel the exhaustion melt away from your body. Caffeine runs through your veins all of a sudden. You feel energized like never before. Time to seize the day! 

Now, imagine yourself in the same state right before your workout. You know, when you feel way too logie to drag yourself to those dreaded machines and work up a sweat. Don’t you think coffee would have the same invigorating effect? It absolutely would!

For all the Cork City residents looking to get in shape for Summer 2k20 – we’re here to help you out with some solid coffee facts. In this article, we break down 4 Reasons To Have Coffee Right Before Your Workouts

It Can Improve Focus 

Even if you haven’t slept properly the night before but want to ace your workout session – coffee can help tremendously. Studies have found that people who consumed caffeine before their workout were able to concentrate more during the workout, and hence devoted their full mental energy to the task at hand. The more focused, the more fit! 

It Boosts Your Athletic Performance

There’s a reason why athletes all over the world are having caffeine before their matches: it makes them much faster! A Research Trial on marathon runners found that consuming just 5 mg of caffeine before a 5k helped the participants cut off 12 seconds from their run time. That’s a pretty remarkable effect, y’all. Think of the wonders it could do for *your* treadmill sessions! 

It Can Quicken Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery must be a priority for anyone looking to bounce back from draining workouts with even more strength and energy. Coffee to the rescue! The American Physiological Society states that caffeine before (or after) your workout can aid in muscle recovery. Especially if it’s consumed with carbs.

It Improves Circulation

Get your heart pumping right! Research from Harvard University has shown that caffeine can improve blood flow by 30% over long workouts. The better your circulation, the more oxygen will reach your muscles during your workout, and the more muscle power you’ll be able to utilize. 

Bottom Line:

With all those pricey pre-workout supplements we’re being sold today…..coffee really is the only solution we need! One Life Fitness understands the importance of pre-workout caffeine for gym goers. That’s why this premier Cork City Gym has a one-stop shop for different types of coffee and other beverages. What’s more: feel free to ask your One Life Fitness personal trainer for any nutritional or training advice. Sign up for a membership today and get some valuable free classes as a bonus. We’re truly hoping you’ll amp up your workouts after reading this article. 

Happy Coffee Drinkin’!