How to feel confident in the gym.

How to feel confident in the gym by One Life Fitness

It can be quite intimidating to actually get up and go to the gym if you are new to the world of fitness, and it can be equally daunting to sign up and go to a new gym that you’ve never been to before.. Hello gym anxiety!

It’s completely natural to feel nervous & anxious before we try something new and unfamiliar to us. The gym is no exception to this, and you must know that you are not alone.

But, if you don’t try and get past these feelings of anxiety and you don’t feel all that confident about going to the gym, then you’re unlikely to be getting the most out of your workout when you do go..

We have put together a few tips in which we feel can help you combat this feeling of intimidation and in turn let you feel more confident when you head in for your killer workout.

– Focus on and believe in yourself

You must remember that you are your only competition, and that comparing yourself to others in the gym isn’t going to get you anywhere along your fitness journey. You should ignore everyone else, and focus on you and solely you. When you’re seriously working hard, you won’t have time to compare yourself to others anyway!

Everyone in the gym has their own goals, you don’t need to keep up with anyone else. It’s also important to keep in mind that everyone in the gym that you may be comparing yourself to has been in your exact shoes when starting off.

In order to work out confidently and effectively, ensure you are wearing clothing which you are comfortable in and ensure that you know how to use the equipment and machinery.

One Life Fitness’ team members will happily demonstrate with ease how to use each of the fantastic pieces of equipment available to you in our gyms.

– Plan your workout in advance

Plan ahead, lay out your workout plan and stick to it! If you go into the gym with a clear plan of what exercises or what machines you want to do in your session, with this structure, you’ll hold yourself accountable to finish what you said you would do.

Our experienced trainers would be more than happy to help you map out a Gym Programme to help you make the most of your session.

– Workout with a friend

Bring your bestie, partner or family member along with you to your workout session, you’ll be much more relaxed and confident with the company. You’ll feel more relaxed when you’re in a daunting setting with a friend, you’ll worry less about your surroundings, have more fun and will get more out of your workout.

At One Life Fitness, on the last Friday of the month, each month, you can bring your bestie along to your training session for free!

– Why not try Personal Training?

Gym trainers are known for enhancing your confidence in the gym. Having a motivated expert on hand during your session to help you use equipment properly and plan your workout for you, you’re likely to reach your goals and hit them more quickly!

One Life Fitness’ Personal Training helps you become the best version of yourself. With tailored assessments and programmes to guide you along with constant feedback, motivation and support we will help you fulfill your goals. We also offer Semi Private Personal Training, which is a small group training option with an added social aspect to help you gain your confidence in the gym.

– Workout During Off-Peak Hours

Time your gym session wisely! If you find it easier to focus in a quieter atmosphere, then you may be better avoiding working out during busy times. But, if you prefer to blend in with others working out then those peak times are ideal for you.

Our One Life team, armed with the knowledge of peak and off-peak times, can help you plan the time for your workout based on what environment you prefer.

– Don’t worry about the little things!

If something goes wrong at the gym, who cares?! Tripping on the treadmill, dropping a free weight or popping into the wrong changing room – might be embarrassing for a split second, but the odds are everyone else is so focused on themselves that no one saw anyway!

Just remember why you’re there and what you’re working towards, don’t sweat the small glitches along the way.

We know that going to a new gym, or a gym altogether, is intimidating,so that’s why we have made the necessary steps to ease your nerves! We are the ultimate beginner friendly gym.

Why not book in for your Free Trial and see what the One Life Fitness hype is all about?