Tips on how to stay motivated.

The ‘New Year New Me’ feels have began to fade and you may feel like your motivation to workout is beginning to, or has slipped entirely.

Often, starting up a workout routine is not the problem, but maintaining it is the hard part. So we have put together a few tips to keep you motivated:

1. Set some goals

Setting yourself some simple goals is the best way to start, then progress to bigger and longer goals. However, it is so important to ensure the goals that you set for yourself are realistic and achievable, as it is easier to give up on your goals if they are too ambitious.

Also, it is proven that physically writing down your goals, your efforts and your progress can help you stay motivated, so put it on paper and see your motivation jump!

2. Reach out and team up with friends, family, or co-workers.

Make your fitness regime social and team up with a friend or two – this way you can push eachother and hold each other accountable, whether it be a walk or a training session in the gym, you’ll both benefit all while catching up!

3. Make fitness enjoyable

Find a fitness regime, class or gym that you actually enjoy doing or visiting! Working out shouldn’t be boring, try something new like a high-intensity circuits class or your own AMRAP workout in the gym to keep you on track – you’re more likely to stick with a fitness program if you’re actually enjoying yourself.

4. Schedule fitness into your everyday routine

If your day is very busy and you struggle to find the time to exercise, then schedule in a class or workout into your daily timetable, like any other important activity you wouldn’t miss.

But if your day is extremely time sensitive then why not take the stairs instead of the lift? Walk your dog on your lunch? Or if you work from home, take the time to walk up and down your stairs as you’re on a call – there’s always a way to incorporate fitness into a busy day!

5. Grant yourself rewards

As your reach your goals – a new weight loss target, a lifting personal best, or that you have achieved your workout hours for the week, make sure to reward yourself! Whether it be a treat meal out, or a new gym set, you deserve a treat no matter how big or small the goal you achieved. These little lights at the end of the tunnel really will help keep you motivated.

Fitness is for life and not just the start of each new year, so set some goals, team up with a friend or two, add a slot into your calendar, have some fun and you will see your motivation getting back on track again!