Muscle Recovery Tips

November Blog Post Image OneLifeFitness

If you want to get into the best possible shape and avoid injuries, allowing your muscles some time to recover after a workout is essential.

While you’re exercising, you create damage to your muscles and it’s only during the recovery time that your muscles can fully repair those tiny tears from exercising.

Take the time you need to rest, recharge, treat your body well, and see the benefits later. Your recovery and easy workout days are just as important as the days you crush it in the gym!

With the right approaches, you may be able to speed up muscle recovery and improve your overall fitness in no time, so that you can keep working towards your health and fitness goals. There’s no better way to do this than by following these tips that we at One Life Fitness live by:

1. Hydration is key

Any fitness enthusiast knows just how important proper hydration before, during, and after a workout is. It is so important to drink plenty of fluids during all of those times if you want to avoid dehydration, which is linked to muscle fatigue and reduced performance.

Replacing lost fluids is essential for post-workout muscle repair. Drinking sports drinks enhanced with electrolytes, a glass of milk, coconut water, a smoothie, or plain water after your workout are all the most effective ways to rehydrate!

2. Rest, Relax and Stretch it out

Getting plenty of rest is the key to both mental and physical health, and a lack of it can disrupt your muscular recovery process and reduce your athletic performance.

So get a good night’s sleep, and make sure you get your 7 to 8 hours per night!

When it comes to rest days, the general rule is to maintain a gap of 48 hours between workouts if you endure physically demanding workouts. But this is only a guideline, and you can follow this or tailor to suit your personal needs and goals!

And don’t forget about stretching, especially during rest days, and overtime this will become a habit that will assist with your muscle recovery.

3. Replenish your body with healthy recovery foods.

Eating clean and well is so beneficial to muscle recovery!

Protein is the number one muscle repairing nutrient that you should be sure to incorporate in your diet. Focus on getting your daily intake of protein from foods such as eggs, Greek yogurt, and lean cuts of meat. These ingredients are so versatile and make for great snacks or full meals.

It is also a good idea to eat a snack that is rich in protein before bed so that your muscles repair overnight, this will help diminish the sensation of soreness you might get the next day after a workout.

Of course, the amount of time it takes for your muscles to recover from exercise depends on your fitness levels and the volume, intensity, and duration of your workout. It is so important to give your body the time and attention to recover fully so that you can perform at your very best for your next session!